The Only Biography of Nigel Balchin:

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Praise for His Own Executioner:

‘First-rate biography’ – David Collard, The Literary Review

‘Collett paints a convincing picture’ – D.J. Taylor, The Times Literary Supplement

‘A riveting and revealing biography’ – Cathi Unsworth, ‘First Lady of noir writing’ and author of Without the Moon

‘Fascinating’ – Paul Willetts, author of Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Rooms

The first-ever biography of Nigel Balchin (His Own Executioner: The Life of Nigel Balchin by Derek Collett) is still available to buy. The book is available in two formats: paperback (ISBN 978-1-78132-391-5; RRP £11.99) and ebook (ISBN 978-1-78132-392-2; RRP £4.99).

There are several ways in which you can purchase the book, including via major online retailers such as Amazon. In the UK, it is also possible to go into any bookshop and place an order for a copy.

Please note that, as of April 2020, fewer than ten copies of my biography remain unsold so you may need to move smartly if you wish to grab one of the last few copies.







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